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Bunny Inspiration

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

While Vylette and Michie are two fictional characters from the story, they are very much inspired by the relationship that I had with my pet rabbit, Bugs. I first met Bugs unexpectedly in a local pet shop two days before my birthday in 2008! She was a very special bunny, and I immediately knew that she was going to be my pet. Bugs gave my family and me nine years of company, humourous moments, an opportunity to learn more about animals and a deeper appreciation for them as creatures. Bugs was a breed of domestic rabbits known as the Mini Rex. Her super plush, charcoal tinted, velvety fur always made her look like she was sporting an expensive fur coat (even in the Summer heat!)

As a young girl growing up in Ottawa, I never had a pet but always longed for one. I was always fascinated by animals and enjoyed playing with them whenever I could. At age 8, I remember desperately wanting to take a Calico kitten back with me to Ottawa while visiting family in Grenada, West Indies! I dreamed of packing the small cat in my suitcase and returning home with a new furry friend, as I could not imagine parting without this creature. Due to the circumstances, I had to leave the cat in its habitat however I recall coming back home and deeply missing my little friend.

I wanted to write a children’s fantasy book that could shed light on some of the excitement, challenges, learning curves and important lessons that can be grasped from having a first pet. Just like enthusiastic twelve-year old Michie, there are many children who dream of having a pet to keep them company but may find the responsibility a bit difficult at times. I hope that Vylette and Michie’s story will make you smile, warm your heart and make you cheer for their everlasting friendship despite the obstacles that they encounter.

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