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The Adventures of Vylette Bunny and Friends: Michie on a Mission

Follow the adventures as Michie, Vylette and Chocolat are reunited once again!
The Adventures of Vylette Bunny and Friends: Michie on a Mission is the second book in the "The
Adventures of Vylette and Michie" series. Caring Michie encounters a friendly but independent
neighbourhood tabby called "Tuffy".

As her curiosity takes over, she encourages her family to help her find him a "fur-ever" home. Another
exciting adventure begins where she uses her natural creativity, clever problem-solving skills, and
intuitive awareness to help Tuffy. How will playfully mischievous Vylette and Chocolat feel about a
new pet coming around? While Michie uses her abilities to focus on mission "Operation Help Tuffy"
the sibling bunnies work as team to construct a plot of their own. Nothing means more to the
bunnies than their relationship with caregiver Michie and being reconnected in a compassionate
home. What humourous mischief will they create to maintain their household?
Can Michie, Vylette and Chocolat help Tuffy who has been roaming alone? Does each pet deserve a
special throne? The bunnies might not realize it at first, but the truth is EVERY animal deserves a
good home!


The Adventures of Vylette Bunny and Michie: Love at First Bite

The second published work of Michelle Crichton, "The Adventures of Vylette Bunny and Michie: Love at First Bite" follows 12 year old Michie as she brings home her new pet bunny, Vylette. As she experiences the ups and downs of bunny ownership, Michie grapples with problem solving, acceptance unconditional love..

Now available at Amazon, Chapters Indigo, Barnes and Noble, The Book Depository and Target.

Coming Out Alive Book Cover (1).jpg

Coming out Alive in a Workplace Battlefield

While running a few errands during January 2016, Michelle closely observed some interactions between employees and managers in a few local shops.  In her mind, she began to reflect on her past work experiences while growing up in Ottawa.  She was immediately inspired and quickly ran home to her laptop to begin writing her first book “Coming Out Alive in a Workplace Battlefield”.  Many of her previous work experiences were positive however the ones that were not, always managed to teach her a couple of valuable lessons about the workplace.  In December 2017, Michelle’s first self-help/documentary book “Coming Out Alive in a Workplace Battlefield” was published by Baico Publishing in Ottawa.  This book is for anyone who may be struggling with their job, at employment crossroads or dealing with personalities that are creating obstacles in the workplace.

In 2018 and 2019, Michelle participated in two public books signings for “Coming Out Alive in a Workplace Battlefield”.  These memorable events were held at Prospero The Book Company, in Ottawa.  Her book is available at The Ottawa Public Library, Prospero The Book Company,,,, Octopus Books, Perfect Books, The Singing Pebble and The University of Ottawa Campus Bookstore.

Michelle has received much positive feedback about her first book from readers who could easily relate to the scenarios discussed in the book.  Many found her book to be engaging and enlightening with various useful tips. 

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